Greetings from RoME!


The eighth annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress gets underway here in Boulder this afternoon with a keynote address by Richard Arneson (UCSD) and a number of additional talks on a wide variety of subjects.  Sponsored  by the University of Colorado Philosophy Department’s Center for Values and Social Policy, the international conference continues through Sunday and will include two more keynote addresses (Nancy Sherman (Georgetown) and Shelly Kagan (Yale)), two poster sessions, and many more additional talks.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Boulder right now, please take advantage of this opportunity.  The schedule of events can be found here and the paper abstracts can be found here.  For those who can’t attend RoME in person, What’s Wrong? will begin posting content the day after RoME concludes, and during its first few weeks of publication it will include material from some of the talks and poster presentations at RoME that took place on the applied end of the ethics spectrum.

What’s Wrong? is the new, not quite official blog of the Center for Values and Social Policy.  It aims to provide a forum for discussing and reporting on topics in applied normative philosophy, broadly understood to include applied ethics as well as practical subjects in social, political, and legal philosophy.   You can find additional information about the blog by looking at the About page and the Comments Policy page and information about the Center itself by looking at the CVSP page.  And starting on Monday on What’s Wrong?, you can find a combination of original pieces and links to works posted elsewhere, covering a wide variety of subjects in applied normative philosophy and representing a broad range of viewpoints.  We hope you’ll like what you see in our reports from RoME in the coming weeks and that you’ll continue to follow us as we gradually introduce a broader range of features and material in the months that follow.

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