“Is It Wrong If a Friend Sells My Hand-Me-Downs?”

041181ED Melanie Maxwell/The Saginaw News     (L to R) Bargain hunters Stefanie R. Huch, 30, and her mother Connie M. Royle, with Huch's children Colin W., 1, and Madelynn G., 3, all of Spring Lake,  look for cheap buys at one of the many garage sales lining the streets of Freeland  Friday afternoon.  The Freeland Walleye Festival kicks off Saturday with 140 garage sales, walleye fishing and a carnival set up at Pat's Food Center located on Midland Rd.

Appiah versus Bloom and Yoshino.  Who’s on the right side of the argument in this brief exchange?  Feel free to weigh in by leaving a comment below.

One response to ““Is It Wrong If a Friend Sells My Hand-Me-Downs?”

  1. Dear Name Withheld:

    Sorry – you don’t have a case. You give the things without strings attached. If you want to attach them, you’d better do so at the time! Otherwise, look at it this way: her kids did get some use out of them, AND she’s saving you the bother of selling them.



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