“Are Peter Singer’s ideas too dangerous to hear?”


“It is the success of Animal Liberation that has many in the disabled community concerned about their own status in a world guided by Singer-influenced ethical thinking.”  Story here.                                                             (image: Peter Singer)

One response to ““Are Peter Singer’s ideas too dangerous to hear?”

  1. Peter’s ideas are as “dangerous” as wrong ideas so often are. People take him seriously because he makes waves. But the real question is about utilitarianism, a doctrine I held in my early years, until I saw through it. Singer hasn’t seen through it. Once you get over thinking that you just have to spend your $40,000 on saving 1000 faraway poor people from going blind instead of on fixing your own ailing eye sight, it’s easy to see that care for the disabled white or rich or whatever is also perfectly OK, chickens and poor people or no chickens and poor people.


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