The Rise of Killer Robots


Recent short piece here, with links to others here, here, here, and here.
(image: robot).

One response to “The Rise of Killer Robots

  1. “This is how wars end in the part of the world where al-Qaeda arose — through a balance of mutual restraint that makes a de facto truce possible, even between the most bitter enemies.” says David Ignatius. Sagacious words. There is no way to “stop killer robots” any more than to “ban the bomb.” What is needed is for everyone to understand the wisdom of nonviolence in life. Most already do. But the rest? Curiously, the most important requirement of today’s world (or any world) is not particularly technical: it is for people to see that getting along with their fellows, peaceably, comes first. Persuading those who need persuading of that is tough, but it needs somehow to be done.


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