What’s Wrong With Harming Yourself?


Philosopher Alice Pinheiro Walla (Trinity College, Dublin) has an answer here.
(image: here)

One response to “What’s Wrong With Harming Yourself?

  1. “Who owns you?” If you are the “owner” of yourself, then you have the legal right to do to your “property” as you wish. However today the government (those who run the government actually) seem to think they “own” you. This is the basis behind the concept of military conscription. The monarchs of the past also believed that you were their “subject” to do with as they saw fit. So Pharaoh could conscript you to help build his pyramid as you were his “subject” and only his wishes “counted”. The actual concept of “personal freedom” in that you are not anyone’s “subject” is truly revolutionary in many ways. And is one of the major differences between libertarians and Democrats or Republicans.


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