Animal Rights and Abortion

photo_75897_portrait_650x975Two legal scholars on how the two debates might illuminate each other, here (image: here).

One response to “Animal Rights and Abortion

  1. I have seen a housefly (who got missed by the fly sweater attempt to avoid being sweated by huddling down in the corner of a window. This shows that even something like a fly has some limited reasoning ability. It is also likely that at least some animals can communicate with others of their kind. It is known that cattle taken to the slaughter house appear to be aware of what is happening. (or the scent of blood warns them of what is coming).

    One interesting aspect is that while abortion is “legal” (if restricted), it is illegal to assist someone in committing suicide. (at least here in Michigan). It is legal to have your pet put to death (if something I never want to see again).

    We humans consider ourselves the “rulers of life on Earth”. We can and do kill other creatures who are capable of some degree of reason if not up to our own abilities. Chimps and some of the others of the “ape” species do appear to have reasoning ability similar to that of a child of say nursery school age if not higher. However, until quite recently, it was legal to hunt and kill them. It is still legal to do “experiments” on them that may cause pain and death. Much like the Nazis did to Jews in the extermination camps.

    We do not seem to be very consistent in these matters…


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