What’s Wrong With Legalizing Prostitution?

08prostitution2-superJumbo-v4Story here.

One response to “What’s Wrong With Legalizing Prostitution?

  1. Depends upon if the prostitute herself is working for herself or is forced to do what she does by others who control her life. Under libertarian thinking there is nothing wrong with the sale of sex any more than the sale of anything else. However there is the issue of “freedom of choice” to be considered. It is not likely an occupation that most women would want to do for very long. It is really the “sale” of a “service”, but one with a great deal of intimacy compared to most other occupations where one person performs an activity with another person for economic gain. The usual objections tend to be related to the transmission of disease or to “morality” of one sort or another. There is a certain risk of catching a disease from the client or vice versa. Morality general relates to religious belief. The three major “Western” religions generally are opposed to the idea of prostitution as such. There is also opposition by some feminist groups, although this is likely related to the concept of “competition” where one must “compete” with others for the more desirable mate. Much the same opposition in principle applies to pornography and the “X-rated” movie industry.

    As libertarianism is based upon “freedom of choice” opposed to statist regulation, libertarians have little problem with the issue of prostitution.


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