When Religious Exemptions Are a Menace to Public Health

Story here.

One response to “When Religious Exemptions Are a Menace to Public Health

  1. The issue isn’t one of anyone being forced to pay for contraceptives, but one of employers insisting that their religious beliefs forbid them from paying for contraception for their employees. That is, the employer claims that their religious freedom to impose their beliefs upon their employees has been taken away by the government. Initiation of force is common in religious beliefs as history shows. Christians did as soon as soon as they had the political and military power to do so. Islam spread itself by the use of force. There is today there is growing idea among some Christians that their “religious freedom” should “override” other people’s civil rights. Christians today in the Middle East are being executed by ISIS if they refused to convert to Islam. Wherever any one religion has a majority of members, force and violence is increasingly common against any religious minorities.


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