Should Police Departments Be More Like Fire Departments?


Short piece from last summer, but just as timely today.

One response to “Should Police Departments Be More Like Fire Departments?

  1. A great deal of what police today do here in the US is to enforce laws passed by government that would not ever met the standards of any libertarian society. We have “victim less crime” because the “State” has decided to prohibit activities that it considers to be “harmful” to either itself or its “subjects”. These laws however create millions of jobs that likely wouldn’t exist without these laws. The self interest of those who benefit from these laws are one of the reasons that they exist. That and the increasingly popular concept that anything that offends more than a small minority of people should be illegal. Then governments since the dawn of civilization have always supported themselves off the people they rule. Either by conscription of labor prior to the invention of “money”, or by taxation through income, property, various sales and use taxes or upon certain items.

    The police are “agents of the state”. They work for, and are paid by the “State” to enforce the laws that have been created by the State. And while they offer a degree of protection against criminals, their major role is as servants of the State carrying out its rules and regulations.


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