What’s Wrong With ‘All Lives Matter’?

All-lives-matterAn interview with Judith Butler from last year, but no less timely today.  Here.

One response to “What’s Wrong With ‘All Lives Matter’?

  1. Government seeking to control more and more of our lives is the real problem. The police are “agents of government” and serve its wishes. Our so called “representatives” mainly serve the wishes of those whose money financed their political campaigns. Which is why we are today an “oligarchy” effectively ruled by the “1%” whose money to all practical purposes decides who is elected and who is not elected. In November we will elect either a man who has knowingly defrauded small contractors out of their payments, defrauded others with a worthless “university” or a woman whose loyalty certainly will not be to the people who elected her. But instead to those of Wall Street who seek her favors to defraud all of us. In an honest society both would now be “serving time” for their crimes instead of running for President.


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