Some Philosophical Poetry by Felicia Nimue Ackerman


From What’s Wrong? Advisory Board member Felicia Nimue Ackerman

Strawberry Ice Cream for Breakfast
(First appeared in Free Inquiry)

Outside my window, all is pink and green.
Pink is my favorite color, I told them.
They gave me a room overlooking the pink garden.
They have wallpaper with pretty, pink swirls.
They feed me whatever I like —
Strawberry ice cream for breakfast.
Here in this hospice, they want you to die happy.
They think a happy life makes you content to die.
Do they think a happy marriage makes you content to divorce?

Nettie Denison Speaks to Her Doctor
(First appeared in Ragged Edge Online)

“You’ll live to be 100,
Now, isn’t that just fine?”
“It’s not enough,” said Nettie,
“Since now I’m 99.”

A Martian’s View of Race on Earth
(First appeared in The Providence Journal)

A Martian looked at us and said,
“You say you’re white or black or red
Or brown or yellow, but I think
You’re all just brown or beige or pink.

An Afternoon with Annie
(First appeared in The Providence Journal)

Annie’s always calm and cheerful,
Speaks no ill of friend or foe,
Always prudent and productive,
Meets temptation with a no.
Never gossips, never grumbles,
Eats fresh fruit instead of cake.
Spend an afternoon with Annie —
See how long you stay awake.

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