Why “artificial intelligence researchers must learn ethics”

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One response to “Why “artificial intelligence researchers must learn ethics”

  1. As different fields continue to overlap and merge into one entity (in this case, computer science and ethics), it becomes increasingly clear that it is vital for students to have a diverse education. It is because of this that I believe that all schools should have a requirement to take at least a few classes within each discipline. This liberal arts model is employed in some colleges, such as CU Boulder, but others like Harvey Mudd focus solely on their respective fields.
    Going into college, I was not a fan of the liberal arts concept at all. I thought it was unnecessary to take classes that would not help me work towards my major. I see now that instead of thinking of my major, students should instead think of our futures. The two philosophy classes that I have taken have opened my mind into a realm where I never would venture otherwise. It’s vital for my field especially, as my favorite area is in biotechnology. Chemists like me still should know the implications that their research may have down the road, just like artificial intelligence programmers should be conscious of the way in which their robots are programmed. These may be attainable without a liberal arts education, but liberal arts are the best way to ensure a wide base of understanding for whichever field the graduate chooses.


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