Did Abby Make the Right Call Today?


Fresh from this morning’s newspaper:

DEAR ABBY: A few days ago, my daughter had a sleepover at a friend’s house, and the girl’s dad broke my daughter’s eyeglasses by accidentally stepping on them. He said he would pay for them. In the meantime, I glued them together.

Fast forward to two days later, and our dog finished the job and broke the side that was still OK. Is the dad still responsible for paying or is he not, since my dog used the glasses as his chew toy? — BLIND AS BATS IN FLORIDA

DEAR BLIND AS BATS: The man who stepped on your daughter’s glasses should pay to replace them as promised, and in the future, when those glasses are not on your daughter’s nose, they should be safely stored in their case and in a secure location!

One response to “Did Abby Make the Right Call Today?

  1. Sounds like a perfect setup for fifty-fifty, doesn’t it?


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