What’s Wrong With Cloning Your Dog?


Op-Ed here.

One response to “What’s Wrong With Cloning Your Dog?

  1. I strongly agree with this article, yes the loss of a pet is the worst experience and would not be wished upon even to our worst enemies, but the cloning of dogs is just very unethical. Companies who clone pets are literally feeding on broken hearts from the loss of a loved one. Cloning a dog doesn’t mean the clone will be identical to the original one anyways. Why not find a similar looking dog from the shelter? If cloning is seen as an answer to lie about a loss then humanity will never learn to cope with such strong emotions. Yes, it is difficult to lose a pet, but it would be much healthier to just remember them as who they once were instead of lying to oneself that they will never be gone. Can cloning a child be considered the same in this situation?


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