What’s Wrong With Creating Human-Chimp Hybrids?


Story here.

One response to “What’s Wrong With Creating Human-Chimp Hybrids?

  1. What would be the ethics of creating handicapped beings? There are already groups of people that argue it is genocide to end chromosomal diseases. That it is the diversity of capability and health, that is the experience of being human or being aware. We would not be more extreme than the worst case of Downs or non-verbal autism. The right to life dictates that those cases should be valued and laws have been prevented from having the right to terminate the pregnancy due to the health of the child. Then there is the tendency to view moral issues from the lens of instrumental value. “What better, clearer, and more unambiguous way to demonstrate this [the claim that human life is not distinct] than by creating viable organisms that are neither human nor animal but certifiably intermediate?” The author is suggesting we intentionally create abominations as an educational tool to display to the world. So, yes, there may be an instrumental value from such a choice but where is the consideration of the intrinsic value of any creation, or all of creation? Imposing a human intention on another living creature in order to achieve a human end strikes me as being the cruelest of moral failings. Bringing life to something because you love it is one thing bringing life to something because of what you can gain from it is entirely another. Once these hybrids exist, how would their civil rights be overseen? Would they be able to reproduce without limit at public expense?


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