Can an Office Temperature be Sexist?


Story here.

3 responses to “Can an Office Temperature be Sexist?

  1. I’ve never really considered how the effects of sexism might influence an employee’s comfort due to temperature in the workplace, this article is very interesting and makes you think. I think this is a two way street since both men and women are expected to dress a certain way in a professional setting. Women tend to be more cold since it is more socially acceptable to wear skirts and blouses versus a suit and tie. However, the same can be said for the man who is expected to wear pants, long-sleeves, and most of the time a jacket as well. This problem doesn’t have an easy solution but possibly there is a happy medium that could be discussed in the office.


  2. I found this article interesting, because I’ve never thought of temperature and gender to be correlated whatsoever. I do think that the temperature is likely set more at the preferences of men. It doesn’t surprise me that the workplace takes the comfort of men more into consideration than women as we see the workplace favoring men through higher pay and in society in general. However, I don’t think that it’s completely fair to say that a company is favoring the temperatures men like versus women because I don’t think there’s a universal range of preferred temperature based on gender, it’s more individual preference. I think this article is interesting, but there are bigger battles women should focus on than the thermostat in their office.


  3. Overall this article was really interesting. I would agree with Avery though, because I believe temperature is a personal preference. How can you definitively say best on gender, a certain temperature is preferred. This article fails to leave out the possibility of people who are sick and prefer a warmer temperatures vs. healthy people. As Avery stated, it is easier to understand why these temperatures have been set to fit a mans comfort. Although I do not agree with the overall premise, maybe more woman entering higher level jobs will change the temperature in the office.


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