Interesting discussion here.

2 responses to “Avocadon’t?

  1. While avocados not being vegan does seem to be counter intuitive, this article presents some interesting points about how eating some vegetables is not as harmless as it seems. Out of the positions that would not condone eating avocados, the Kantian rule makes the most intuitive sense. If bees life spans are shortened due to being used as migratory pollinators, it does seem that humans are exploiting these animals for their own ends. However, there is a limit to what can do to reduce suffering in the world without bringing harm to themselves and I believe avoiding migratory pollinated vegetables would cross this line. By avoiding meat, one avoids the vast majority of suffering and environmental impact caused by eating animal products. Time spent scouring over the individual details of how vegetables were pollinated would be better spent reducing suffering in other ways, such as bettering the lives of those around you.


  2. I found this article very interesting. I know lots of people who try to maintain a vegan diet, and I bet if you asked any of them if they had ever thought about avocados and almonds being ‘not vegan’, they would say no. I do think there is a valid point in talking about forcefully making bees pollinate certain plants, but I do not think it means that avocados and almonds are not vegan. My reason for believing that is that a vegan diet (or plant based diet) allows a person to eat mostly grains and vegetables. Though they can eat other foods, most of the nutrients that a person on that diet gets would be from vegetables and grains. Bees pollinate majority of our food, and I think that if you are to say that avocados aren’t vegan, then neither are majority of our fruits and vegetables. This gives vegan people very little food they can eat. I think that the bees are not being put through as much pain as cows and chickens or animals that produce meat and dairy, therefore, it is not fair to say that any food pollinated by bees is not vegan.


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