“A Moral Case for Universal Basic Income”

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Philosopher Matt Zwolinski weighs in here.

3 responses to ““A Moral Case for Universal Basic Income”

  1. bonniesteinbock

    Wow. Excellent piece.


  2. The article avoids two basic realities: (1) the government is a poor caretaker of other people’s money; the best person to take care of my money is me (2) supporting UBI through taxes is forced; there’s no individual choice on contributions. If neoliberalism avoids these two realities, how can it still be related to classical liberalism at all?


  3. In response the other poster’s claim that redistribution of income is forced. That is only possibly true in a society where participation in society is forced. If you are participating in a society voluntarily, then, well, you’re in a society voluntarily! You have a right not to be stolen from, but you do NOT have a right to live in a society choosing your preferred benefits and costs like at a buffet. Choosing to live in a society in a choice, and it comes with a mix of goods and bads.

    My issue with UBI is that it it is clearly inferior to prioritized spending. Not everyone needs help. And giving money to people who don’t need it is a waste (a harm). The money society dedicates to helping people should be prioritized, akin to how Oregon prioritized its medicaid spending.


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