Eating Meat and Racial Injustice

A nice, short piece by philosopher C.E. Abbate here.

One response to “Eating Meat and Racial Injustice

  1. Of course meat-packers, like everyone else, need to be held to high standards for controlling the virus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that meatpacking is, somehow, racist or whatever – any more than, say, professional baseball is. Pro baseball has reacted to the virus problem by simply abandoning audiences. This is too bad, since its economic rationale is as entertainment. There should be a better way, that allows audience that, for example, test negative before attending, or that employs stewards who will make sure that all others obey social distancing. Etc. That, however, doesn’t make baseball “anti-people”. (Maybe the American government is, but that’s a political view, not a philosophical one.) To condemn an industry on the basis of a happenstance failing is unphilosophical.
    Of course, there is the distinct problem whether meat-eating is morally allowable. My discussion assumes it is, and that is also the normal view. But let’s not confuse a genuine, philosophical question with an empirical shortcoming by one industry.
    Jan Narveson


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