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Animal Rights and Abortion

photo_75897_portrait_650x975Two legal scholars on how the two debates might illuminate each other, here (image: here).

What’s Wrong With Veganism?


Provocative short piece here, from the current issue of the Journal of Practical Ethics (image: vegan food).

Peter Singer, Elizabeth Harman, Jeff MacMahan, and Gary Comstock on Killing Animals for Food


Brief remarks from all four here and link to a longer discussion here.
(image: cows)

Latest Report on the Effects of Eating Red Meat

Courtesy of The Onion.

“A scientist found a bird that hadn’t been seen in half a century, then killed it. Here’s why.”


Good coverage of the controversy here (image: moustached kingfisher).

What Does the Claim that Veganism is Unhealthy Entail About the Ethics of Veganism?


What if a vegan diet were unhealthy?

(What’s Wrong? is grateful to Jake Monaghan (Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo) for this original submission)

I should say at the outset that I did not write this essay to convince you to be a vegan. Rather, I think a common objection to veganism raises an interesting philosophical question about killing in self-preservation or for the purpose of improving one’s life. Much has been written on killing in self-defense, but much less (to my knowledge) about the more general issue of killing a non-aggressor in order to preserve or improve one’s life. Continue reading

“Study: Red Meat Takes Years Off Of Cow’s Life”


From the archives of The Onion.                                                     (image: cow)

University Versus Prairie Dog


Is it wrong for a university to kill prairie dogs in order to increase the number of buildings on its campus?  Philosophy graduate student Cheryl Abbate (Colorado) comments below.                                                                                       (image: prairie dogs)

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“Are Peter Singer’s ideas too dangerous to hear?”


“It is the success of Animal Liberation that has many in the disabled community concerned about their own status in a world guided by Singer-influenced ethical thinking.”  Story here.                                                             (image: Peter Singer)

Peter Singer on the Latest News From McDonalds


Here.                                                                                                            (image: chickens)