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Disability, Discrimination, and Organ Transplants


Recent opinion piece from the Washington Post here.

What’s Wrong with Selecting for Maleness or White Skin?

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What’s Wrong? is grateful to Rivka Weinberg (Scripps College) for the following original contribution.

What’s Wrong with Selecting for Maleness or White Skin?

Prenatal genetic diagnosis and implantation makes it possible to screen embryos for specific genes or traits and then implant only the embryos with the desired genes or traits.  This process has been used to select for gender, for bone marrow compatible with a sick sibling in need of a bone marrow transplant, and to select non-deaf or deaf embryos.  Eventually, it might be possible to select for specific traits such as blue eyes or athleticism.  Is anything wrong with any uses of PGD?  And, if so, what’s wrong?
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Supreme Court Takes Up Deaf Texans’ Suit Against State

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Peter Singer on Immigration, the Cincinnati Zoo, and More

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Philosopher Richard Pettigrew on Implicit Bias


Do Deaf Babies Need To Be Fixed?

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Philosopher Bonnie Steinbock on the use of “Mosaic” Embryos in IVF

Her short post is here.
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“Dwarfism, Chemical Limb Lengthening, and Informed Consent”

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An Interview With Philosopher Christine Overall

Overall3Part of the “Dialogues on Disability” series here.