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“Knowledge, Ignorance and Climate Change”


Short op-ed here.

How to Apportion Responsibility for Climate Damages Among Fossil Fuel Producers


Story here.

Female Equality and Environmental Sustainability


Story here.

The “World’s Toughest Plastic Bag Ban”


Story here.

“Contaminated cat poop fuels debate over feral felines in Hawaii”

Killer Cat Poop
Story here.

What’s Wrong With Having Children in a World Undergoing Climate Change?

kids and climate change

Philosopher Travis Rieder weighs in here (image here).

What’s Wrong With Sterilizing Mustangs?

Wild Horses Slaughter

Story here.

What Is It Like To Be A Fish?


“As innovative research reveals new facets of the private lives of fishes, I’m hopeful that perceptions will change and we’ll show them more mercy.”  Story here (image: here).

“a hugely risky and ethically fraught way to help save the natural world”

Plant-DNA-640x375Story here.
(image: DNA)

What’s Wrong With the Ethanol Mandate?

29ogeWeb-master675Margo Oge weighs in here.
(image: corn)