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What Is It Like To Be A Fish?


“As innovative research reveals new facets of the private lives of fishes, I’m hopeful that perceptions will change and we’ll show them more mercy.”  Story here (image: here).

“a hugely risky and ethically fraught way to help save the natural world”

Plant-DNA-640x375Story here.
(image: DNA)

What’s Wrong With the Ethanol Mandate?

29ogeWeb-master675Margo Oge weighs in here.
(image: corn)

What’s Wrong With Veganism?


Provocative short piece here, from the current issue of the Journal of Practical Ethics (image: vegan food).

“The Conservative Case for Solar Subsidies”


Op-Ed by economist Ben Ho here.
(image: solar power)

Philosopher Dale Jamieson on Climate Change


What’s Wrong? Advisory Board member Dale Jamieson discusses his new book, Reason in a Dark Time (Oxford University Press) here.
(image: ice break up, Antarctica).

“A scientist found a bird that hadn’t been seen in half a century, then killed it. Here’s why.”


Good coverage of the controversy here (image: moustached kingfisher).

“Why Can the E.P.A. Regulate Smog, but not Greenhouse Gases?”


Good question (image: Los Angeles, 1979).

Against (Most) Recycling


If you read this piece in the print edition of today’s New York Times, should you put it in the recycle bin or throw it in the garbage after you finish it? (image: cans)

The Case Against Lawns


Here.                                                                                                                               (image: lawn)