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Climate Change and Human Rights

Recently posted TED Talk by Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and past UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Resource Rights and International Governance: Learning from Rivers


This is the first in a three-part series featuring special guest posts on their recent work from the three philosophers honored in the American Philosophical Association‘s 2013 Book Prize competition.  Today’s featured author is Cara Nine, Lecturer at University College Cork in Ireland and the author of the prize-winning Global Justice and Territory (Oxford University Press).

(image: Yasuni National Park)

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Collective Duties to Future Generations

AD729C7C-B99D-00B4-7B5CE1EDD36771D1Marcus Hedahl is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the United States Naval Academy.  At this year’s Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, his second, Professor Hedahl gave a talk called “Owing it to Us: How Directed Duties to Collectives Can Inform Collective Responsibility for Future Generations”.  What follows is a short piece based on that paper that Professor Hedahl wrote specifically for What’s Wrong?  It is a draft of a work in progress and should not be cited without his permission.

(image: Half Dome at Yosemite National Park)

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