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The Latest Twist in the Redskins Legal Saga

123130568-IIZNStory here.

What’s Wrong With Putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?

imrs.phpDiscussion here.
(image: here)

What Does it Mean to Ask Blacks to Forgive and How Should They Respond?

gty_charleston_church_shooting_04_jc_150619_1_v15x14_16x9_992Myisha Cherry weighs in over at Philosop-her.
(image: Charleston)

UN Panel Endorses US Slave Reparations

Story here.
(image: protesters)

What’s Wrong With a White Actor Playing Michael Jackson?

Aisha Harris weighs in here.
(image: Joseph Fiennes)

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations, Again

1920A follow up to his earlier Atlantic piece posted here today.

Oscar Race


New York Times op-ed here.
(image: Oscar)

“College Sports Exploits Unpaid Black Athletes”


Op-Ed here.
(image: by Cam Cottrill)

“Honor and Racial Justice”


Interesting post here by Valerie Soon, up on the Honor Ethics blog.
(image: honor)

“A Better Standard for the Use of Deadly Force”


A timely op-ed here in light of the recent grand jury decision in the Tamir Rice case (image: protesters).