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The Latest Twist in the Redskins Legal Saga

123130568-IIZNStory here.

The NCAA is Cracking Down on What?

Ci2K222WkAAuvXFSports ethics story of the year.  Here.

What’s Wrong With Watching Football?

A variety of answers here.
(image: concussion)

Transgender Athletes and the Olympics

chris mosier
Latest developments here.
(image: Chris Mosier)

“College Sports Exploits Unpaid Black Athletes”


Op-Ed here.
(image: by Cam Cottrill)

What is the Lanham Act and What’s Wrong With it?

Short op-ed here.

Something to Think About During the MLB Post-Season


With no African-American managers and one Latino Manager, does Major League Baseball need a new affirmative action policy?  The Nation‘s sports editor, Dave Zirin, thinks so.
(image: Jackie Robinson)

Applied Sports Ethics Question From Last Night’s Dodgers-Mets Game


Playing hard or playing dirty? (you can see video of the slide here)
(image: slide)

Are You (Morally) Ready for Some (Fantasy) Football?


The Sports Ethicist discusses the ethics of fantasy sports here.

(image: fantasy football)

Is It Wrong to Prevent College Athletes From Unionizing?


The Nation‘s Dave Zirin thinks so.                                    (image: football player)