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“Vaccine Refusal is Like Tax Evasion”


Short blog post here.

The (Legal) Case of the Monkey Selfie


Story here.

How to Apportion Responsibility for Climate Damages Among Fossil Fuel Producers


Story here.

“Affirmative Action as Reparations”


Commentary here.

What’s Wrong With Requiring Separate Insurance Coverage For Abortion?


Cornell Law Professor Sherry F. Colb comments here.

What’s Wrong With Price Gouging?


A defense of price gouging and a critical response to that piece that were both published in the wake of Hurricane Sandy are relevant again as stories about price gouging emerge in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

What’s Wrong With Giving Military Weapons to the Police?

imrs.phpStory here.

What’s Wrong With Taxation?

Tax-FormUniversity of Colorado philosopher Mike Huemer on whether taxation is theft, here.

“Should I Lie About My Beliefs to Get Health Insurance?”

11rosner-master768Interesting discussion here.

Dylann Roof and the Death Penalty

roof_filtered_ap_16316816450111Brief discussion here.