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“Transgender: A Dialogue”

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The discussion is here.

The Moral Case for Corporal Punishment


(The following is a guest post by philosopher Timothy Hsiao)

Is it ever morally okay to spank children as a form of punishment? According to the University of Chicago‘s General Social Survey, over 70% of Americans think that it is. However, many academics say no. Corporal punishment, they argue, is impermissible because it is linked to diminished developmental outcomes in children. Owing to this point, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a statement saying that parents should not ever spank their children. Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Treating Drug Overdose Deaths as Homicides?

Story here.

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What’s Wrong With April Fool’s Day?


Story here.  A bit more on April Fool’s Day ethics here.

What’s Wrong With Using Student Evaluations to Assess Professors?


Story here.

What’s Wrong With Giving Extra Credit?


Short piece here.

What’s Wrong With Playing Cards Against Humanity?


Philosophy graduate student Sam Director on “The Inhumanity of Cards Against Humanity” (which also appears in the current issue of Think.


In general, it is morally wrong to joke about the suffering of a category of people while in front of a person who fits into this category. I argue that, when people play the game Cards Against Humanity, it is likely that they do this very action. Thus, I conclude that it is morally wrong to play Cards Against Humanity.

Continue reading

Philosopher Bonnie Steinbock on DHHS’s new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division

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Philosopher Jessica Flanigan on the Feminist Case for a Universal Basic Income




Philosopher Rebecca Kukla on Fat Shaming the President


Philosopher Rebecca Kukla (Georgetown) has given What’s Wrong? permission to repost the following comments, which she initially posted on Facebook:

Oy. We go around and around this. Stop fat shaming Donald Trump. Not because I give one rat’s ass how mean you are to Donald Trump, but because every time you fat shame Donald Trump you fat shame every fat person on Earth. Just stop it.

And don’t tell me how the real issue for you is that he is lying about his weight. First, we all know he lies. This is not news. He lies about things that actually matter, unlike this. Second, we live in a culture where people are under enormous pressure to lie about their weight and I bet many of you who are mocking him have done it too. Third, if all you cared about was the lie, you wouldn’t be re-posting unflattering pictures where you think his fat looks funny and gross because hahaha oh look his belly is hanging.

Just stop it. It’s hateful.