A Groundbreaking Lawsuit


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What’s Wrong With Using Facebook?


Philosopher S. Matthew Liao discusses the question here.

“Transgender: A Dialogue”

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The discussion is here.

The Moral Case for Corporal Punishment


(The following is a guest post by philosopher Timothy Hsiao)

Is it ever morally okay to spank children as a form of punishment? According to the University of Chicago‘s General Social Survey, over 70% of Americans think that it is. However, many academics say no. Corporal punishment, they argue, is impermissible because it is linked to diminished developmental outcomes in children. Owing to this point, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a statement saying that parents should not ever spank their children. Continue reading



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“Against a Federal Registry of Genitals”

Clorissa Jones looks on as Dr. Jansson checks her six-month-old Braxton at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore

James Hamblin, writing in The Atlantic, here.

What’s Wrong With Fake News?


Philosopher Regina Rini on how to fix fake news here.

Can an Office Temperature be Sexist?


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Immigrant Health Care and the “Public Charge” Rule


Hastings Center research scholar Nancy Berlinger comments here.

Philosophers Robin Dembroff and Daniel Wodak on “He”, “She”, and “They”


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