The Center for Values and Social Policy was founded in 1980 by the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Its principal charge is to “conduct research, hold conferences, and enter into relationships with other agencies, public and private, in furtherance of our knowledge of values and social policy.”

The Center sponsors the annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, a major international event focusing on issues in ethics, broadly conceived, that has featured such distinguished keynote speakers as Judith Jarvis Thomson, Shelly Kagan, Don Marquis, Frances Kamm, John Martin Fischer, Susan Wolf, and Jeff McMahan.  The Center also sponsors the THINK! series of public lectures and a weekly series of informal lunchtime talks.

In addition, the Center has recently renewed its practice of sponsoring Visiting Center Fellows, who spend some of their sabbatical time in residence at the Center, interacting with students and faculty, doing guest presentations in classes, conducting research and giving talks.  Visiting Center Fellows for  2015-16 will be Justin Weinberg (fall) and Teresa Burke (spring).



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