What’s Wrong With Having Children in a World Undergoing Climate Change?

kids and climate change

Philosopher Travis Rieder weighs in here (image here).

What’s Wrong with Selecting for Maleness or White Skin?

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What’s Wrong? is grateful to Rivka Weinberg (Scripps College) for the following original contribution.

What’s Wrong with Selecting for Maleness or White Skin?

Prenatal genetic diagnosis and implantation makes it possible to screen embryos for specific genes or traits and then implant only the embryos with the desired genes or traits.  This process has been used to select for gender, for bone marrow compatible with a sick sibling in need of a bone marrow transplant, and to select non-deaf or deaf embryos.  Eventually, it might be possible to select for specific traits such as blue eyes or athleticism.  Is anything wrong with any uses of PGD?  And, if so, what’s wrong?
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Philosopher Daniel Demetriou on Honor and Gun Rights


Philosopher Michael Huemer on Gun Control

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What’s Wrong With Linking Abortion and Animal Rights?

Nathan Nobis, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Morehouse College, kindly contributed the following piece to What’s Wrong?  Professor Nobis is the author of many articles and book chapters on topics concerning ethics and animals (e.g., vegetarianism, experimentation) and the ethics of abortion, an unpublished 2003 essay on the relations between these topics, and a review of a recent book on these topics’ intersections, which inspired this essay.  What’s Wrong? is grateful to Professor Nobis for permission to publish this original piece here.

Abortion and Animal Rights: Does Either Topic Lead to the Other?
by Nathan Nobis

Should people who believe in animal rights think that abortion is wrong? Should pro-lifers accept animal rights? If you think it’s wrong to kill fetuses to end pregnancies, should you also think it’s wrong to kill animals to, say, eat them? If you, say, oppose animal research, should you also oppose abortion?

Some argue ‘yes’ and others argue ‘no’ to either or both sets of questions.[1] The correct answer, however, seems to be, ‘it depends’: it depends on why someone accepts animal rights, and why someone thinks abortion is wrong: it depends on their reasons.

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The Ethics of Police Robots: A Debate

Four short pieces here.

What’s Wrong With ‘All Lives Matter’?

All-lives-matterAn interview with Judith Butler from last year, but no less timely today.  Here.

What’s Wrong With Sulu Being Gay?

sulu.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2George Takei, the original Sulu, disapproves. Story here.

What’s Wrong With a Law School Professor Wearing a “Black Lives Matter” Shirt To Class?

A professor responds to student complaints about this here.
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Should Police Departments Be More Like Fire Departments?


Short piece from last summer, but just as timely today.