Modelling Sex/Gender

One of the highlights of the annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress is the Friday and Saturday afternoon poster sessions.  Shortly after the last talks of the morning end, RoME participants head to a large room where they can talk about a wide variety of subjects with presenters who are displaying posters that outline the key points of projects they are currently working on.  At this year’s RoME, which ended this past Sunday, What’s Wrong? conducted a handful of interviews with presenters whose projects seemed likely to be of particular interest to its readers.  In the interview presented here, Helen L. Daly (Colorado College) discusses her project on “Modelling Sex/Gender”.  As she notes in the discussion, how we decide to distinguish between male and female has practical implications in a broad range of cases including decisions about who should be allowed to compete as a female in athletic competitions and about whether women’s colleges should admit transgendered students.  What’s Wrong? thanks Professor Daly for taking the time to discuss her project (and apologizes for the background noise at RoME that is unfortunately audible at points during the interview).

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