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What’s Wrong With Amatonormativity?


Philosopher Elizabeth Brake explains, here.

What’s Wrong With an Experiment That Gives Cash to Poor People?


Interesting discussion here.

Should the FDA Regulate Video Games?

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Read the “modest proposal” here.

Dilbert on Killer Robots



“The Privacy Battle Over the World’s Largest Biometric Database”


Story here.

Could Artificial Wombs Transform the Abortion Debate?


Story here.

What’s Wrong With Holding a Philosophy Conference in Texas?


The Public Philosophy Network has moved its 2018 conference from Denton, Texas to Boulder, Colorado.  The press release explaining why is here.

The Call for Papers and submissions is here.  Deadline is September 15.  The conference takes place February 8-10, 2018.

What’s Wrong With Voyeurism?


Gay Talese and the Case of the Harmless Voyeur
by David Boonin (Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado)

The publication last year of The Voyeur’s Motel, Gay Talese’s controversial account of a Denver area motel owner who purportedly spent several decades secretly observing the intimate lives of his customers, raised a number of difficult ethical questions.  Here I want to focus on just one: does the peeping Tom who is never discovered harm his victims?

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Why “artificial intelligence researchers must learn ethics”

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Story here.

“America’s lucrative new weed industry should compensate the black victims of the country’s war on drugs”


Short op-ed here.